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                 Welcome to OnlineMedicalTesting.com

OnlineMedicalTesting (OMT) was established by Dr. Nandi Harrysingh M.D , a US Trained Internist, and Adult Physician and is Operated in conjunction with a Canadian based IT team. 

 How it works: 

  • With STD Tests, your name is NEVER used. You will receive an order number which you will take to the lab of your choice. 
     OMT is a confidential medical testing service designed to help you take charge of your own health, and to assist in the prevention and early detection of disease. You will receive the highest quality service that is convenient, comprehensive and affordable.
  • Did you know that a Doctor's Request form is required for all tests (Blood or otherwise)? (That's a $200-$300 cost by itself).

  • This is where Online MedicalTesting (OMT) comes in:
         - OMT allows you to select, order and pay for your blood tests right here from the comfort of your home, office or wherever.
         - Once your payment is received, you will be emailed a confirmation Order Number.
         - Go to the lab of your choice,  simply present this order number, have your sample taken, and your results will be emailed to you. 
  • OMT saves you time and money by combining 3 different visits into one, not to mention the convenience! 


 Why Choose Online?
- Order at your convenience from the comfort and privacy of your own home, office or mobile device. 
- Avoid the hassle of having to wait in a doctor's office..not to mention traffic and parking!
- No lab appointment necessary.
- Conveniently receive your results via email within 1-3 working days
- Accredited labs with international standards. 
- Faster, cheaper and more convenient!         
- Time is money. Save both!
- Choose a lab location that's convenient to you near work or home (See our lab locations located throughout Trinidad)
- Private and confidential.
  • Schedule an appointment with a US-Trained Adult Physician (Internal Medicine) to review your results (and for treatment if necessary) if you wish. 


  • You can place your orders even if you don't have a credit card (See how). 
  • Our website is extremely secureWe use International Industry-standard 128-bit encryption SSL certification (like that of Google and Amazon.com). Our website is also verified continuously by Geotrust® , one of the World's leading Digital Certificate providers. 
  • We understand how important your health is to you, and how frightening and confusing it can be at times. Rest assured, we're here to help. 


Got questions? See our Frequently asked questions,  email us at support@onlinemedicaltesting.com or click here to ask us a question. 

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- "Health is peace of mind". 
The field of Medicine and the way it is practiced should push to be ahead to its time, not wait to catch up with the rest of the world. 
Physician-backed online General Health Testing,
as well as Secure, Private, and
Completely Anonymous Online STD testing,
is now available in Trinidad and Tobago.

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